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Anti Radiation Chip - Mobile White

Anti Radiation Chip - Mobile White

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- A multi-purpose Anti Radiation Chip that can be used for Mobiles, Tablet, Wi-Fi Router & PC Monitor.
- Safeguards you against the harmful radiation effect
- CE Certified
- Tried and tested on 200 subjects by Max Healthcare, India
- Certified by DB Technology, UK and results published in Journal of Biomedical Science & Engineering, USA.
Product description

The Anti Radiation Chip when fixed to a device such as a tablet, Wi-Fi router or PC monitor neutralizes the harmful effects of Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) Radiation.

Radiation produced by external sources brings in several harmful effects that are not revealed by industry to the common man. Incidentally, this radiation is emitted by the gadgets that we use on a daily basis like our tablets or PC monitors.

How does the product work and how does it lessen the harmful effect on human body? Did you know that heating of biological tissue is a consequence of microwave energy absorption by the tissue's water content? The amount of heating produced in a living organism depends primarily on the intensity and on the efficiency of the body.

The EMF produced by the electronic devices carry a constant signal and our body takes it as a warning message. Though these non-thermal radiations lack the intensity to harm the cellular system, but human body still takes it as an alarm, which can undesirably exhaust the cell’s defense system and make it vulnerable to real attacks.

The Anti Radiation Chip disrupts the constant nature of these non-thermal radiations, thus neutralizing the impact.

Why Use The Art of Living’s Anti Radiation Chip:

- Neutralizes the harmful effects of radiation by changing its wave nature.

- The Art of Living’s Anti Radiation Chip has received CE marking which affirms that the product complies with all applicable European Directive and Regulations.

- Has been tested on 200 subjects by Max Healthcare and the results shows a significant reduction in pulse rate for people having high pulse rate (>82).

- Test conducted at the Lab of M/s. DB Technology, Cambridge, UK proves that the signal strength of the connection (Tablet, Wi-Fi Router or PC) does not get altered.

- Comes with One Year Warranty and promises full refund of money if customer is not 100% satisfied with the quality of the product. T & C apply. A Chip That Guards You, Your Family & Your Surrounding!

Product details
  • Format: Paper Back
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  • Language: English


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Anti Radiation Chip - Mobile White
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