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Micro SD Card - Patanjali Yoga Sutra English

Micro SD Card - Patanjali Yoga Sutra English

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SD Card Contains:

  • Patanjali Yoga Sutras Video (English)

  • Sri Sri Yoga Video (English)

  • Bhajan Albums- 20

  • Meditations (English/ Hindi)- 10

  • Patanjali Yoga sutras Book (English)

  • Books (English)- 11

  • Audio Talks (English)- 10

  • Chanting Albums- 13

The Enlighten application included in this SD Card will only work on Android devices.

Product description

A psychologist par excellence, Maharishi Patanjali was a seer who lived sometime around the 2nd century BCE. He knew the twists and turns, the pitfalls and the intricacies of the labyrinthian miracle called the mind. Maharishi Patanjali was not only well versed with the craftiness of this mind but also knew a way to master the mind. The definitive authority on the body, mind and soul, his Yoga Sutras are an eye opening account, and perhaps the most advanced textbook of psychology. 2200 years later, this text is still the authority on the biggest global trend, that is Yoga. 2200 years later, his text finds relevance in our lives cutting across languages, cultures, borders, time. Yoga is helping people across the world deal with life and living, even today. But what is one supposed to make of the sutras written almost like a computer code? According to Patanjali, ‘Santosha’ or contentment is the basic requirement for growth. But how do we get there in this day and age of anxiety and depression? Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar decodes the Sutras with his customary wit and elan, making it an essential addition to everyone’s reading list. For anyone trying to navigate the murky waters of life, this pack is sure to steer you to a safe shore.

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  • Language: English


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Micro SD Card - Patanjali Yoga Sutra English
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